Rishona C.

Energy Artist


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Rishona was born in Miami, FL. By age four, her travels began. As the daughter of an airline pilot a family trip to Israel to support the Ethiopian airlift effort, introduced her to the excitement of international adventures and a sensitivity to the world. 

By age seven, she had shared a smile with Mona Lisa at the Louvre, embraced the fallen ruins of the ancient Greeks, gazed upon St. Peter’s Cathedral and received a wide-eyed world education. 

She acknowledges the impact of her travels shared on many occasions with her family, all of whom enhanced the foundation from which she evolves on her canvas.

She began to supplement her studies in high school by interning at the Sun-Sentinel newspaper in her senior year. After high school she graduated with honors from FAU earning her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in studio art focusing on painting. She has also studied internationally in Italy, and Israel.

She currently works with children as an art instructor to further their view of what art can become. She hopes to convey positive thoughts, an open mind, and living life to the fullest through her Mind Art representations of the inner makings of feelings, thoughts, and emotions. . .

As an art teacher, Rishona’s motto is, “Practice makes a better you.” Her goal is to give them a positive outlet through self reliant talents.

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