Rishona illustrated a children’s book this year for the amazing, Thomas Barg. She looks forward to reading your comments on this relatable story of a loveable pup.

winner of the People’s Choice Award for Animals Animals Animals and For The Birds from the Broward Art Guild.
Fine art prints available.

Rishona’s art embodies the emotional connection between humans and nature captured by an intense color palette, merged with her love for sculptural materials. She joins her hyper-imagination with her experiences gained by studying in Israel and Italy to make mesmerizing images that overtake the viewer’s mind. She explores the energy force that is in each subject she depicts. Through eagerness of seeing what she can create next and the passion and drive to complete what she sets her mind to, she hopes to make a clear connection of her world to yours.

For prices and purchases please contact Rishona via e-mail Rishonac@gmail.com

All images are copyrighted. Prints available for most images.

“Orange you Glad”- new summer series


Acrylic on canvas



acrylic on canvas


Limited edition prints $125 18×24

Commissioned piece, Reflection 24×24, acrylic on canvas. Limited edition prints available $105 14×14