Rishona C.
Mind Artist
                      Public Displays of Affection
Rishona began a personal conceptual project of spreading love by leaving her one-of-a-kind painted hearts wherever she travels. Her love journey started in Italy...

Italy was the perfect setting to study and leave a lasting impression with the visitors and citizens. She chose to use the theme of traveling love via her love of art.

She was spontaneously attracted to areas where people might pick up these hearts and be "touched" by them. On a bus, on a train, in San Siro, in a waiter's check cover, in the Boboli Gardens, Florence, Milan, with homeless people that roamed the streets...and with friends who shared the moments in time...

On noticing a homeless man asleep on a bench, she placed one of the hearts with some change  next to him, so when he awoke he would feel love. It was then heart-warming to see him purchasing water...Pure and simple...

She continues sharing her designs of love wherever she travels ...

 sold (examples):       

Commissioned Work:
In Love                Untitled                      Open Heart        As They Wish
                                                          (Logo for NWMC)
  10x8                    48x65                        36x48                24x30

(mural at NWMC)                     Untitled                           Zee's Smile
36x36                                    18x18                             16x20

Co-Created murals for the media center at Verde Elementary 2014/2015 
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